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Earth ends and outer space begins at the Karman line. It is approximately 100 kilometres above the planet’s surface, named after Theodore von Kármán (1881–1963), a Hungarian-American engineer and physicist.

Karman Line Acceleration Program is the world’s fastest and most effective Incubation program.


Taking you Beyond the Vision Board

Karman Line is an acceleration program that aims at assisting selected entrepreneurs with their business objectives, timeline, and achievable milestones.

We also help you get one-to-one advice/assistance with mentors, business-oriented professional services and workshops that shape your thoughts, ideas, and vision into a robust business model.

What We Offer


Business Ideation & Planning

Give your idea wings to fly high with proper planning & foreseen results.


Financial Projection and Value Proposition

We assist with financial planning & evaluate your business goals and ideas to achieve desired results using minimum funds.


Strategic Assistance & Mentoring

You get exclusive access to our prominent mentors and assistance with go-to-market strategies to shape your venture in the right direction.


Product Evaluation

Our mentors closely evaluate your product to identify loopholes and potential outcomes.


Startup Sustainability Program

We focus on providing sustainable solutions to you and your start-up to ensure a rock steady beginning of your business & funding.


Fundraising & Investor Pitch Training

Karman Line assists you with raising funds for your business ideas or venture. To ensure your pitch deck is promising among investors, we conduct regular training under the guidance of highly experienced professionals.

Key Benefits

Exposure to Market & Tools

We will set a market-specific path for your product for better outcomes & also train you to use business-oriented tech tools.


The benefit of connecting with initial customers, partners, industry experts and investors.

Marketing & Strategy

Robust strategy & identification of geographical audience for better outreach through marketing.

Team Building

Identify the right talent for your business & build your team to achieve the best results within the proposed time.

Industry-Specific Mentorship

Get hands-on mentoring sessions from industry experts on your business idea & product and worry less about business failure.

Funding & Angel Investors

Opportunity to meet and connect with angel investors to pitch your business and raise funds.


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One of the most common problems among startups is that they cannot use all of their available resources.

  • 10 Oct 2021

How can Startups Scale up through Acceleration Programs?

Startups in 2019 have a staggering 90% failure rate, about 21.5% fail within the first year, and 30% after just two years. Surviving post the 3rd year is the ultimate litmus of survival.

  • 15 Sep 2021

How to find a right co-founder?

Successful startups depend on many factors such as market needs, financing, viable business models and marketing. However, finding the right team, especially the right co-founders or co-founders, is an important first step.

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