Soft Landing Program

Started on February 1, 2024

Karman-Line Acceleration’s Soft-Landing Program is designed in a meticulous way to help solidify and promote promising international entrepreneurs all while hoping to expand their business in the Canadian market. The Soft Landing Program gives newcomers inside knowledge on how to navigate in a society where they are unaware of the different cultures and practices.

The Soft Landing Program is currently a 6 month program that is constantly evolving with client feedback, new circumstances and personal growth. We provide monthly webinars that cater to different topics that specifically help immigrants in areas that can be considered challenging by providing government programs, marketing support, business network, and access to talent.

Module 1: The basics of Canada

In this module we discuss all of the things a new comer needs to know to navigate and prepare in the pre-landing and post-landing of coming to Canada. We provide valuable and in depth information about the weather and how to prepare, the major cities and the ethnic statistics of each major city, safety index, diverse cultures and cultural etiquettes, major festivals, transportation, and tools to help you.

Module 2: Pre-Landing in Canada

This module is extremely important as we go into depth on everything one needs to know about the measures that need to be taken before landing into Canada. We discuss on everything that an individual needs to be carrying before arriving, packing, preparation for landing, pet transportation, financial planning and needed tips to make your experience enjoyable and least stressful.

Module 3: Post-Landing in Canada

This module talks about the first steps one needs to take right after arriving into Canada. We provide great detail of useful tips, applying for a variety of needs cards such as a SIN card, bank accounts, health cards (understanding Canadian healthcare, finding a family doctor, walk-in clinics etc.) , drivers license (car insight), phone and internet suppliers, and stores (grocery, miscellaneous needs, clothing etc.)

Module 4: Education in Canada

The education system no matter how brilliant and resourceful can be a confusing structure for those who are not familiar with it. In this module participants will learn the structures of each school system in terms of school board, curriculums, culture, grading systems, help centres, bullying and teasing, and the process of enrolment to each school.

Module 5: Real Estate / Housing in Canada

We deeply understand the struggle that comes with moving to a brand new country and not knowing where to start in terms of living situations. This is why we include such an important and crucial module to help give understanding of the housing market, housing process, renting options and processes, in depth talk about cost of living, how to protect yourself and your family against scams and fraud.

Module 6: Preparing for the seasons of Canada and Travel Information

This module covers all of the preparation that goes into the struggles and enjoyment of every season in Canada. We go into depth of the materials, information, help, and tips for the kind of climate you will experience and enjoy in Canada. We also provide insight on how to travel around this massive country with ease in this module.