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Events for November 2023

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Partners Appreciation

Location 185 The West Mall Rd, Etobicoke

The Partners Appreciation event is an annual event hosted by Karman Line that aims to celebrate and recognize the valuable contributions of its partners, including industry experts, mentors, investors, and other organizations that have supported the Karman Line program. This event is an opportunity to thank and acknowledge the partners who have helped make the program a success, and to…


Startup Growth Masterclass


The Startup Growth Masterclass is an event hosted by Karman Line that provides startup founders with the tools and knowledge needed to accelerate their business growth. This event is designed to help founders learn how to overcome common growth challenges, scale their businesses, and build sustainable revenue models. Through interactive sessions and case studies, participants will learn how to develop…


Leadership Academy for Innovators


The Leadership Academy for Innovators is an event hosted by Karman Line that is designed to provide aspiring and current founders with the tools and knowledge needed to lead innovative and successful startups. Through a comprehensive discussion format, participants will learn the principles of effective leadership, how to build and manage high-performance teams, and how to drive innovation within their…